Licensed or age 18 taking ODOT Program

Classes and Registration

This program is for students who have a driver's license or are 18 years of age with a permit, and would like to take an ODOT driver education program. Students successfully completing this program will not receive an ODOT waiver certificate, but will receive a certificate of completion, which some insurance companies may accept for a potential insurance discount. Also, depending on the school district they attend, the student may receive 1/2 proficiency credit toward graduation.

Program Description:

Thirty- three hours of classroom instruction with ODOT certified instructors:

  • Behind-the-wheel with ODOT certified instructors- two students per vehicle once a week for 6 weeks.

To qualify:

  • Must have Oregon driver permit to register
  • Be 18 years of age or licensed

Price: $909.00

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About Us

Our goal as we move forward with the Winter Driver Education program is to keep our students and instructors safe and healthy as we provide driver training to high school students as they learn to be safe and courteous drivers.

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