Modified Driver Education Program

This modified/abbreviated program is for students that desire driver education instruction but cannot participate in the regular program classes or for students that are over 18 years of age. This class provides students an opportunity to sharpen their driving skills and obtain important traffic safety information. This program does not replace the state certified driver education program for permitted drivers however, students will be provided with intensive one on one training with an ODOT certified instructor to help improve and hone their driving skills. Students completing the six-hour program will not receive an ODOT certified driving waiver but will receive a certificate of completion, which some insurance companies will accept for a potential insurance discount.

Program Description:

  • One hour of combined "classroom" instruction, driver evaluation, and behind the wheel instruction.
  • Five hours of behind the wheel instruction with an ODOT approved instructor

Scheduling: Our scheduling goal is to complete the student's training in one month or less.

Price: $360.00

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Our goal as we move forward with the Winter Driver Education program is to keep our students and instructors safe and healthy as we provide driver training to high school students as they learn to be safe and courteous drivers.

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